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TEPSI 04 & 05

The newest pieces from our inaugural Modern Heirlooms collection, the sculptural solid wood and lacquer Tepsi objets - based on the symbolism of the evil eye (or Nazar in Turkish) - are designed to be celebratory pieces for any room.

In order to bridge beauty and function, segments of the pieces are formed by different masters and then assembled into one, conveying diverse knowledge and techniques of each artisan. They are conversation pieces, objects to behold, but at the same time made to be used convivially.

Materials: Henna stained solid oak and water based high gloss lacquer.


H 7 x W 55 x D 33 cm H 6 x W 26 x D 21 cm

Edition of

50 + 4 AP

£ 2600 / € 2900

These pieces are made to order, and typically take 10-12 weeks to deliver. Shipping costs will vary according to destination and the complexity of the install.

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